About Us

About Us


Our Story

In 1997, an inventor named Kerry Clark and engineer named David Hightower got together in Kerry's garage and brainstormed how to create their own technology company. What initially started out as a dream became a reality in 1998 when they relocated from San Diego, CA to Amptec's permanent home in the booming city of Austin, TX. From there, they hashed out a more extensive product line of failsafe ohmmeters, and customers around the globe began to take notice. In 2014, sole ownership was passed to Sarah Clark, who is the current CEO.

Amptec Research has grown a lot since then, now manufacturing hundreds of its own products. However, its mission has always remained the same: to strive to create quality equipment with safety and integrity of measurement at the forefront of each design.

Our Team

Amptec Research maintains one sole facility in Austin, TX. They currently employ 20 full and part-time individuals including a research & development team, a sales department, an administrative team, a purchasing team, and a number of product technicians.

All full-time employees receive a variety of great benefits, including health and dental insurance, paid maternal and paternal leave, a 35 hour flexible work week, and 4 weeks of paid time off annually, as well as various bonus/incentive programs. Amptec has a commitment to its employees to ensure a comfortable work environment that provides equal opportunities to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed.

Amptec Research is always looking for more great people to join its team. If you're interested in a career opportunity, please let us know.