Amptec Research OP-300 kelvin clip lead set
630-300 | 4 Wire Kelvin Clip Test Lead Set
February 1, 2016
Amptec Research 630-401 Gold Plated Single Tip Kelvin Probe Set
630-401 | Single Point Kelvin Probe Set
February 1, 2016
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630-408J | Heavy Duty Kelvin Clamp Jaw Lead Set


Our 630-408J 10’ heavy duty Kelvin clamp jaw lead set is compatible with our entire 630/640/641 Series product line. Additionally, this lead set may be used on any test equipment with a Trident terminal.

This item is currently on backorder and may not be available to ship until January 2022.

Length  10′ each cable or 20′” span Weight 2.5 lb.
Storage Temperature Range -10° to 70° C Operating Temperature Range 0° to 50° C
Input Trident connector Tip Type Two jaw clamps
For custom lengths, tip types, or other modifications, please contact us today.
Please note that due to a significant backlog, any orders for instrumentation which need to be shipped from our facility by the end of 2021 must be placed by October 8, 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.