Amptec Research 4 Wire Kelving Mini Probe Set
620UK-403V4 | 4 Wire Mini Probe Set
October 18, 2016
641n igniter tester
641N | Compact Ruggedized Failsafe Ohmmeter with Self-Test Feature
October 19, 2016
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620LK-P5 | Intrinsically Safe Ground Continuity Tester

The AMPTEC 620LK-P5 is an affordable, highly accurate, and intrinsically safe ground continuity meter. The 620LK-P5 is very user-friendly, as it automatically reads the continuity between the earth ground and the part under test to determine if the ground is satisfactory. For use in bonding applications, including elevator tab assembly measurements, the 620LK-P5 comes from a long lineage of ultra-safe testing equipment.

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Range, Resolution, Accuracy, and Current Levels

Range 20 Ω 200 Ω
Nominal Current 1 mA .1 mA
Resolution .001 Ω .01 Ω
Accuracy ± .05% of range ± .05% of range
Terminal Trident Display 4 1/2 digit LCD
Update 1 reading per 3 seconds Power 4ea AA 1.5 VDC alkaline batteries
Weight 3 lbs. Dimensions 7.69″ x 7.56″ x 3″
Max. Internal Voltage 5 VDC Open Circuit ~5 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 50° C Storage Temperature Range -40° to 75° C
Temperature Coefficient ± .025% per 1° C Max. Input Voltage 250 VDC