620exv Ultra-Safe Portable Digital Voltmeter
620EXV | Ultra-Safe Portable Digital Voltmeter
October 16, 2015
Amptec Research 620VL Failsafe Igniter Tester Use on Units with a Diode in Series
620VL | Intrinsically Safe Igniter Tester with Diode Test Capability
October 20, 2015
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620MG | Digital Failsafe Ohmmeter with Diode Test Capability

The AMPTEC 620MG failsafe ohmmeter was specifically designed for ultra-safe testing on squibs, flares, bridge-wire, and other explosive devices. The 620MG meets a wide-range of resistance requirements, and comes standard with an (OP-232) RS232C interface, (OP-247) optically isolated power, an autorange feature, and a diode test capability. This product was derived from the USAF Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board approved AMPTEC 620A-4 meter – thus creating a product line that is the industry standard in igniter testing.

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Range 2 Ω 20 Ω 200 Ω 2000 Ω 20K Ω 200K Ω 2M Ω
Nominal Current 5 mA 5 mA 500 uA 50 uA 5 uA .5 uA 0.5 uA
Failsafe Current 8 mA 8 mA 8 mA 8 mA 8 mA 8 mA 8 mA
Resolution 0.1 mΩ 1 mΩ 10 mΩ .1 Ω 1 Ω 10 Ω 100 Ω
Accuracy ± .02% of reading & range ± .02% of reading & range ± .02% of reading & range ± .02% of reading & range ± .02% of reading & range ± .02% of reading & ± .05% of range ± 1% of reading & ± .2% of range
Display 4 1/2 digit LED Terminals 4-wire Kelvin
Temperature Coefficient ± .002% per 1° C Update 3/sec.
Storage Temperature Range -10° to 70° C Operating Temperature Range 0° to 50° C
Dimensions 9″ x 9″ x 3″ Weight 4 lbs.
Power Optically isolated continuous power Max. Input Voltage 250 VDC
Open Circuit 1.6 VDC Max. Failsafe Current 8 mA
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Product Description Price
620MG Includes 620MG failsafe ohmmeter, (OP-232) RS232C interface, (OP-247) optically isolated power, diode test capability, (OP-300) lead set, & U.S. N.I.S.T Calibration Certificate. Request a quote!
Lead/Probe Sets The 620MG ohmmeter is compatible with our 620 Series probe/lead sets and accessories.
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