Repair & Calibration

Repair & Calibration of Amptec Research Instrumentation

Hands wearing gloves solders and verifies computer circuit board using soldering iron and multimeter

The Benefits of Having Your Product Repaired and Calibrated by the Manufacturer

U.S. N.I.S.T. Traceable calibration certificate with every calibration and repair.

Original parts replacements straight from the manufacturer.

 Full warranty of every calibration and repair for 90 days.

If there are new safety features or firmware upgrades available for your instrument, we’ll install them for free.

We ensure all repairs to your unit allow it to maintain compliance and safety certification.

Maintain your manufacturer's warranty. Any servicing done at our facility will not void your unit's existing service contract or original product warranty.

We're proud to offer calibration and repair services for every instrument we've ever manufactured. Whether obsolete or newly made, we'll get your unit up and running.

Our skilled team of product technicians and engineers can resolve any malfunction with ease and perform routine maintenance/calibration at an expert level. From complex PCB diagnostics to replacing hinges - we've seen and repaired it all.

Since we're the experts at our own instrumentation, we can often diagnose the issue much faster than any third party repair or calibration facility. Need your repair expedited? No problem. Not sure what the error is? We'll sleuth it out. Want guidance on how to complete a small repair yourself? We can help.

Ready to Proceed?

To send your unit in for repair or calibration, simply complete the online RMA form below. Once the form is complete, you can send us your item as soon as you receive our email confirmation that contains your RMA #.

Evaluations of units for repair are always free up to the point where we would need to access the internal components. If this is required, we will charge a calibration fee so that your item returns to you fully calibrated. All calibration fees include an hour of labor and basic parts replacements. We will never charge you or complete repairs without your express permission.

If you're ready to move forward, fill in the RMA form below.

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Can't find your model above? No problem. If it's an Amptec Research instrument we will gladly service or calibrate it. Contact us for pricing.